Hallo we are glad to have you here. Let us tell what we can do for you…


There are a couple of possibilities to get a new dome depending on your requirement. First of all we are able to make various shapes



oval (racetrack)





Do you need a dome fitting to an existing base?

Please see how to manufacture a bespoke glass dome

Please send us a drawing or your base…
…to ensure fitting to the existing base we have to make a mould…
… to blow the hot liquid glass in it…
… to fit to your base. Please note in some cases it´s neccessary to touch up the base. Mainly at narrow grooves.
Do you look for a less expensive way to get your glass dome?

In some cases it´s not worth to manufacture a glass dome to a base. Maybe the base is broken maybe the base is not an ancient one or less valuable. In this case we are able to offer a free blown dome or a glass dome from stock. We are able to offer a wide variety of bases.

Making a dome from an excisting mould could be one alternative. We have many moulds on stock therefore we could have the opportunity to find a perfect dome for you.

we´ll look for a mould coming nearest to your search…
… then we´ll blow a dome for you…
…with a little luck it fits to your base or you can choose a base from our range of wooden bases
two further ways to get a dome
a dome from our huge stock we have approx. 300 domes on stock
for you we offer standardsized domes
together with a wooden ideco- glass base you will get your perfect glass cover